Glow&Go Brightening Bar

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Glow&Go is a Honey, Turmeric & Citrus Cleansing Bar that calms irritated skin, reduces and heals breakouts, deeply detoxifies, balances oil production on the skin and brightens uneven skin tones and dark marks.

Formulated with our special blend this Cleansing Bar gently exfoliates, brighten, clarifies the skin tone, smoothens wrinkles and lines, and even tone and texture, balance the skin oils, reduce the appearance of fine lines for a firmer and brighter complexion!

The beauty of this Cleansing Bar is it doesn't dry out your skin like normal soaps, which means your skin absorbs healthy doses of all the nutrients and vitamins without getting dried or itchy!

The Key Benefits of this Bar are visibly glowing skin, clarifies pores, super hydrating, heals breakouts, acne, dark spots and an overall obsessive radiant complexion.