Get Into Us

Hello Obsessors, My name is Nia Felder and I am the Mastermind behind The Velvet Obsessions Collection. This dream turned into reality right before my eyes in my college dorm! I started this company in hopes of transforming and promoting beautiful silky skin everywhere to everyone. I offer a variety of luscious products as in Body Scrubs, Body Butters, Silk Serums, Masks, Soaps and Body Cleansers at convenient affordable prices. My Collection speaks for itself and I guarantee it'll leave you #OBSESSED !!

My Collection is always all natural and organic ingredients. Never any chemicals, steroids, or harsh fragrance and irritants go in my products. They are guaranteed to restore and maintain your skin's healthiness and silkiness. Your skin will have a long lasting natural glow like no other! Leaving you no choice but to be #OBSESSED!!

During My teenage years I floated and explored through many different paths and hobbies trying to find my thing. Nothing ever fulfilled me and kept my attention long enough. I've come to the realization that being the Gemini I am makes me a Jack of all Trades and I have endless talents! The Velvet Obsessions Collection is MY latest Obsessions!! I plan on taking this business very far and really stamping the Body care industry with MY collection!! 

We were founded at the Best H(BCU) in the World!! Thee Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL in 2020! Our goal is to spread the love for silky, velvety skin to All with our Luscious All Natural, Organic, and Handcrafted Product Line!!