CertifiedLoverBoy Whipped Body Scrub

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Who said men should not be Obsessed with having soft skin too? We didn't, so we want to help men to renew their skin with the nourishing & obsessive ingredients found in Our New CertifiedLoverBoy Scrub!

Our Certified Lover Boy Body Scrub is an All-natural exfoliator that improves the health of your skin by invigorating the surface of the skin, improving circulation and sloughing away the dead skin cells while replenishing the skin with hydration.

This Whipped Scrub is a Zesty Cool scent packing strong obsessive notes of Bergamot, Cucumber, Lemon, Mint & Sandalwood. It’s uplifting aroma is an Obsessive custom blend that is sure to please the senses time and time again!! It’s creamy, foaming texture creates beautiful, velvety skin by exfoliating the outer layer and rejuvenating the underlying skin with rehydration that leaves your skin with a healthy, velvety and radiant appeal!